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group counseling


Grief: Let’s process it together

This is a remote group counseling for Asian Americans who are in 20s and 30s.

Dates and time

Wednesdays, 6-7:30 p.m.
May 20 to June 10 (4 weeks)​


  • Full fee: $100. Payments must be made prior to the first meeting. All payments are non refundable.



  • Submit the online registration form.

  • Make a payment. After you receive confirmation to attend the group, you must secure your spot with your payment via Venmo, Zelle or credit card payments online. Only after you submit your payment will you be officially registered for the group.


Grief is an appropriate response after losing someone or something that is important to you. Everyone deals with grief differently and there’s no right way to grieve. Some cry for days, others feel numb, and some are angry and anxious.

This group is for individuals who are grieving such as loss of a relationship, death of a loved one, loss of financial stability, or loss of health, etc. it will provide supportive space for you to understand pain, find ways to process grief, and explore ways to locate hope.

group agreement guidelines

  • I agree to keep confidential of the names/identity of the group members and what is said in the group. I agree to keep confidential anything which occurs between or among group members. This includes sharing with a spouse or close friends. I understand that if I violate this confidentiality I could be dismissed from the group. I understand that there is an exception to this confidentiality when anyone expresses feeling or action that indicate he/she is a possible danger to self and others, past or present unreported child or elder abuse, the counselor has a professional obligation to take direct actions to report to the proper authorities.

  • I agree that I will attend every meeting unless an emergency arises. If an emergency should arise I will notify the group leader prior to the meeting to tell him or her that I will be unable to attend. I understand that the group leader will tell the group what has happened. I understand that if I have two unexcused absences, my continued group membership will be discussed.

  • If I am asked questions or asked to participate in an activity which makes me feel uncomfortable, I understand that I have the right to pass, that is, the right to refuse. I also understand that I will benefit from group the more I am able to take courage in sharing and participating.

  • I agree that I will never pressure other group members to participate in any discussion or activity. I will honor the time we have together and allow everyone a turn to share and give space. I will focus on my own experiences, thoughts and feelings. I will not criticize and judge others. No group member is ever humiliated, hazed, or abused in any way. I will not try to fix others and will only give feedback as long as it reflects my own experiences that start with, “I” and not with, “you.”

*Some of the material above is adapted from the American Psychological Association and Redeemer counseling center (slightly edited appropriate to this specific support group).

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